Replica Rolex watches precision and super durability

In addition to the classic black water ghost, Rolex also has a brother watch that is equally eye-catching, that is, the Rolex submariner series 116610LV-97200 Rolex "Green Water Ghost" watch. On the basis of the original shape of the Black Water Ghost, Rolex "Green Water Ghost" completely changed the color from all black to emerald green. It is well known that from the aesthetic point of view, green is not a good match color Swiss replica rolex, and the color of "green" has an indescribable deeper level in our profound Chinese culture, especially for men. Rolex is the classic brand of the Swiss watch industry. When replica Rolex comes out, it will be extraordinary and superior in character. The original logo of the Rolex watch is a palm with five fingers extending. It means that the brand's watch is completely hand-finished, and later it gradually evolved into a registered trademark of the Crown to show its dominance in the fake watch field. It shows the power of the Rolex in the watchmaking industry. Rolex, with its solemn, practical and non-flashing style, is widely loved by successful people. Rolex replica watches are also very hot in the domestic market. Rolex's precision and ultra-high durability attract countless users, so in the bezel, Rolex Fans often use a word to describe replica Rolex: a "labor" forever. Rolex "Green Water Ghost" and "Black Water Ghost" parameters are the same, with a one-way rotating screw-in diving chronograph bezel, the material is made of ceramic with strong anti-corrosion function, the movement uses a new generation of Rolex The 3135 self-winding movement, the gear-shaped outer ring greatly enhances the friction. The latest stainless steel enamel case and strap have a 40mm emerald dial that is not too small. Rolex's unique Mercedes-Benz eye catches the eye, the 11 time markers on the dial have a white luminous coating, and the 3-point calendar with a unique bubble sapphire crystal magnifies the observability of the calendar. The screw-in crown features a classic replica Rolex Crown LOGO, and the back of the platform further enhances its mystery and practical water resistance replica watches. The overall feeling of "Green Water Ghost" gives the first impression of "stunning eyeballs", and the bold emerald green covers the entire dial, which shows that this is a special watch that is at the forefront of fashion and indulgent.