For Primary students,

Along with this class work and co-curricular activities, home assignments form an important part of this assessment.

Parents are encouraged to reinforce the discipline of self-study by engaging their children in creative, investigative or reading work for about half an hour on weekdays. Weekend assignments may be an extension of class work or project and research work, sometimes specially designed to help students with their language skills. Homework may also be preparatory study for an upcoming assessment

For Middle and Senior students,

The basis for assessment becomes a combination of annual examinations, class tests, assignments, projects and presentations. The structure and content of these internal examinations are determined by our curriculum providers and is kept confidential to both teachers and students till the last. All students of Grade 6-8 have 1 half yearly exam and 1 yearly exam every year.


The Central Board of Secondary Educationhas so far followed the continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) scheme for students of Classes VI to IX. However, it has officially discarded the old scheme for an improved format which will follow a uniform process of assessment and evaluation and report card. Under the CCE scheme, which was in place since 2009, the students were assessed based on two term-end ‘summative assessments’ and four ‘formative assessments’ (two each in each term). Sixty percent of the assessment was pen-paper tests, while 40% formative assessment during the year was a continuous evaluation by teachers based on various activities.

This new format will come into effect from the academic year 2017-18 onwards. The new scheme aims to bring standardization in the process of teaching, evaluation, examination and report card.

According to the new CBSE guidelines, there will still be two terms but the pen-paper test weight will be 90% including 80 marks for half yearly or yearly exam and 10 marks of the 20 marks set aside for periodic assessment in each term.

The school terms along with the periodic, notebook and subject enrichment with the half-yearly and/or yearly marks scored in each subject with their corresponding grades will be mentioned in identical rows on the report card. The students will be assessed on their co-scholastic activities on a 3-point scale.

Subject Enrichment Activities:

These are subject-specific activities aimed at enhancing the understanding and skills of the students. These activities are to be carried out throughout the term; however, they should be evaluated at the term-end.

Languages: Aimed at equipping the learners to develop effective listening and speaking skills. The language teachers may devise their own methods and parameters for assessment of the languages.

Mathematics, Social Science & Science: Map or the project work, Practical work and activities may be undertaken as suggested by the board and Textbooks.